Jessie King Regunberg is a painter, illustrator and writer. After graduating with a BA from Vassar College and earning her MA from the University of Pennsylvania, she was midway through her dissertation in early American women's history when she was derailed by the birth of her second, and then third baby. After a couple sleepless years, Jessie found her way back to making art, something that brought her great joy throughout childhood and high school. Under the mentorship and guidance of her aunt - and best-selling children’s book illustrator - Robin Preiss Glasser, Jessie has begun to build a career for herself in the art world.

At the start of the pandemic Jessie challenged herself to paint the ABC’s of quarantine: each day she painted a new image related to the pandemic that correlated with a different letter of the alphabet. At the end of this challenge Jessie turned these 26 images into a puzzle. All proceeds from the puzzle were donated to Covid-relief efforts.

Jessie also has several children’s books in the works, including “J is for Junk Drawer: a Micro Alphabet.”  And she has an adult blog of illustrated musings which you can view @imworriedmytherapisthatesme.

Jessie is open for commissions and collaborations.
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